Add More Region Support on PicoGW UI



PicoGW UI is provided by Semtech®, allow users running a Pico Cell LoRa Gateway (HT-M01) on Windows® with directly UI.

But PicoGW_UI only provided four region support by default.

Add More Region Support

Suppose you need to add support for AU915_SB2 (AU915 Sub-band 2 for TTN)

  • Clone or download this repository:;

  • Rename global_conf_AU915_SB2.json to global_conf.json;

  • Copy global_conf.json to C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Semtech\PicoGW_UI path and replace the current one;

  • Reopen PicoGW_UI and choose Keep the current gobal conf.

Now, the PicoGW_UI will work on the definition of global_conf.json.


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