HT-M01 Evaluation LoRa Gateway


HT-M01 is a Pico cell gateway. When we designing it, we wanted to provide users with an SX1308 gateway that can quickly verify communication solutions and support the standard LoRaWAN protocol. HT-M01 has a small size, can operating by Windows® or Linux. Windows® will have a GUI tool, which is friendly for none Linux experience users.

  • SX1308 baseband chip;

  • LoRaWAN protocol 1.0.2 Class A, Class C support;

  • SPI and USB support, can working in Windows® and Linux;

  • Heat dissipation design, transfers the huge heat of the SX1308 to the aluminum casing to ensure the stability of the system.


HT-M01 can’t work alone, it must work with other operating systems, such as a Raspberry Pi with Linux, or a Windows® computer (Windows® 7 or higher).