Re-Development via Arduino



  1. Install Heltec Esp32 specific development frameworks and libraries


The library also supports the ESP32 official development framework.

  1. Capsule Sensor V3 enters the WirelessBoot mode. Ensures that the WiFi of the Capsule and your computer in the same LAN.

Uploading demo code

  1. Long press the indicator light of the device for 8 seconds until the Blue light of the device is always on.


Some early devices may require a regular press of 16 seconds.

  1. Open the Arduino and click the Tools option. In the Port option, find esp32s3_xxxx and select it.


If you can’t find such a port, restart the Arduino and check whether your device is connected to the same LAN as the computer.

  1. Board select Heltec Cupsule Sensor V3.


Some special code here will also have other options to select, such as the LoRaWAN demo, you need to set the LoRa Region to the corresponding frequency.

  1. Select a demo code.

  1. Click Upload to upload the code.