HT-M00S Single-Channel LoRa Gateway


HT-M00S single-channel lora gateway base on HT-CT62, so that it realizes single-channel LoRaWAN protocol communication. It is a perfect, low-cost tool that can listen to more than a dozen devices at the same time and upload the received data to the cloud via WiFi. It is worth noting that the gateway does not use an external antenna, so it is mainly used in scenarios such as scheme verification, communication link development, and smart home.

  • MCU: HT-CT62.

  • The power supply voltage: USB Type-C 5V.

  • Low power, long transmission distance.

  • Light and fashionable, cost-effective.

  • Wall-mounted, simple to install.

  • -40°C to 85°C maximum operating temperature range.

  • Working bands: Full band coverage corresponds to the working frequency option.

  • APP scan QR code for registration, or configure via Wi-Fi, supports OTA update.