Heltec Products Operation Documention

Heltec Automation is an IoT device/solution provider mainly in LoRa/LoRaWAN field. This documentation page is trying to make sense to you about how to use our products. This is a document in the nature of operation guide. If you want to get more information about product parameters, please refer to the product manual or Heltec Automation website.

This picture shown the LoRaWAN communication framkework.

LoRaWAN communication framkework

LoRa server

For a whole LoRaWAN communication process, a server is must needed, LoRaWAN server included two parts: Network Server and Application Server (We also generally call them NS). LoRa node join network, ACK, identity identification, communication authentication, etc. are handled by NS. Now there are many excellent LoRaWAN NS, such as:


We highly recommend use Heltec LoRaWAN Test Server, it’s a ready to use LoRa server based on TTS V3, users can login with Heltec website account.

After login the LoRaWAN server, the next thing to do is register your gateway and nodes.

Here are the LoRa Gateways produced by Heltec Automation. You will be able to find the quict start and how to register on LoRa NS.