WirelessBoot(Uploading Firmware)


Capsule Sensor V3 uses WirelessBoot mode to upload firmware, exchange information, and print logs through WiFi.

This topic describes how to enter WirelessBoot mode,and how to upload firmware in WirelessBoot mode.

Enter WirelessBoot mode

  1. Long press the indicator light of the device for 8 seconds until the Blue light of the device is always on.


Some early devices may require a regular press of 16 seconds.

  1. Find “WirelessBoot_xxxx” on your PC and connect, the password is “heltec.org”.

  1. Visit in your browser to navigate to the WirelessBoot configuration page.

Uploading program

  1. Erase the original firmware.

  1. Select the local firmware package.

  1. Select the partition and upload it.


Notice the progress bar at the top left, please upload one firmware before uploading another.


Note the size of the capacity of each partition, do not allow the uploaded firmware size to exceed the capacity of the partition.

  1.  After the upload is complete, click `Run`,  then `Restart`.

More stable uploads

Although you can connect directly to the Capsule’s AP hotspot for uploading, this approach is simpler, but may lack stability. Connecting the PC and the capsule to the same LAN is the more stable mode of operation.

  1. In WirelessBoot mode, type the WiFi account and password, click Save Configuration.

  1. Connect your computer to the LAN which the Capsule V3 is located.

  2. After your device enters WirelessBoot mode, visit the router address in the browser, find the IP address of the Capsule-V3(WirelessBoot).

  1. Visit the Capsule-V3 IP in your browser to navigate to the WirelessBoot page.

  1. Now you can upload the code for the device: