CapSule Sensor V3


CapSule Sensor V3 is a IoT tiny device based on ESP32S3 and SX1262. It has excellent expansibility, and we provides a variety of compatible sensor modules and uploading the relevant code for it, using these resources, even if you are not an expert in IoT development, you can easily build many interesting applications or directly run some open source programs like Meshtastick.

Main Features:
  • ESP32-S3 + SX1262.

  • Wireless communication method include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LoRa.

  • Modular design, with a BTB interface reserved at the bottom, capable of connecting and replacing different sensors

  • Touch pad and LED indicator light.

  • Built in 250mAh rechargeable battery, magnetic suction charging port.

  • Built in LoRa and Wi-Fi/BLE antennas, stylish appearance, compact and light.

  • High strength plastic, IP65 waterproof.

  • Support Heltec Wireless Boot system, download firmware, exchange information, and print logs through Wi-Fi.

  • Meshtastic project compatible.

  • Secondary development can be done through Arduino,, etc.