Wireless Stick


Wireless Stick Lite (V3) is a part of the “Heltec LoRa“ series, with the following features: - Microprocessor: ESP32-S3FN8 (Xtensa® 32-bit LX7 dual core processor, five stage pipeline rack Structure, main frequency up to 240MHz). - SX1262 LoRa node chip. - Type-C USB interface with a complete voltage regulator, ESD protection, short circuit protection, RF shielding, and other protection - Onboard SH1.25-2 battery interface, integrated lithium battery management system (charge and discharge management, overcharge protection, battery power detection, USB / battery power automatic switching). - Integrated WiFi, LoRa, Bluetooth three network connections, onboard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth dedicated 2.4GHz metal spring antenna, reserved IPEX (U.FL) interface for LoRa - Integrated CP2102 USB to serial port chip, convenient for program downloading,debugging information printing. - Support the Arduino development environment. - We provide ESP32 + LoRaWAN protocol Arduino® library, this is a standard LoRaWAN protocol that can communicate with any LoRa gateway running the LoRaWAN protocol. In order to make this code running, a unique license is needed. it can be found on this page; - With good RF circuit design and low-powe

Wireless Stick Lite Quick Start(development framework and special libraries), please refer to Heltec ESP32 series Quick Start.

LoRaWAN example please refer to: Heltec ESP32 series LoRaWAN example.

Meshtastick Quick Start, please refer to this link: Meshtastick Quick Start.

Download related resources, including schematics, pin diagrams, and data sheets: https://resource.heltec.cn/download/Wireless_Stick_Lite_V3.