Wireless Shell


Wireless Shell is a module, must work with other PCB boards, it belongs to “Heltec LoRa“ series, with the following features: - CE Certificate; - Microprocessor:ESP32-S3FN8 (Xtensa ® 32-bit LX7 dual core processor, five stage pipeline rack Structure, main frequency up to 240 MHz), with LoRa node chip SX1262; - RF shielding (contain a shield shell) and other protection measures; - Integrated WiFi, LoRa, Bluetooth network connections, both of them are IPEX socket; - Support the Arduino development environment; - (Exclusive) Supports the Arduino version of the ESP32 + LoRaWAN protocol routine provided by Heltec. This is a standard LoRaWAN protocol that can communicate with any gateway/base station running the LoRaWAN protocol (requires serial number activation, only the development of the company) The board is available, the serial number can be queried onthis page); - With good RF circuit design and basic low-power design (sleep current: 9uA theoretically), it is convenient for IoT application vendors to quickly verify solutions and deploy applications.


ESP32’s BlueTooth and Wi-Fi antenna use a same pin, so BlueTooth and Wi-Fi can’t work at the same time.

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