Wireless Refresh



Users can operate Wireless Paper via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LoRa. This topic aims to describe a wireless refresh example: use WiFi and Bluetooth to refresh via wechat mini program. The APP is currently in beta, we will complete it soon.

Example: Wireless refresh via APP


Downloading the program

Open Arduino IDE , click tool, select the development board model, port, RF parameters, etc. As shown below

Use Arduino IDE to open the example we provided or any other program that works, as shown below.Fill in the name and password of WIFI in the red box, The device for WiFi refresh must be connected to the same WiFi as the development board.

Click uplaod.

Refresh via APP

Once the program is downloaded, Open the wechat mini program and find the name 就彻底.

  • Via WiFi: Select “UDP”, click UDP, enter the IP address and port of your device (it can be printed in the serial port), click to connect. Enter what you want to refresh in 获取值, click the device you want to refresh below.Wait a moment, refresh completed.

  • Via Bluetooth: Select “蓝牙”, click “开始扫描”, find the device and connect, after success, you can enter the content you want to refresh.